Last Global Money Matters Post of 2017

Although Global Money Matters has been off the grid for a couple of months, behind the scenes, we have been retooling, curating new content and ideas, and of course traveling on what I like to call the 2017 Living A Global Lifestyle Listening Tour, visiting Asia: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Sinagpore, spending time watching and learning how people are changing their ideas and perceptions of money, payments, credit, and managing their lives in general.


Looking forward to sharing all the images, ideas, and key learnings, especially as we plan an integration with our new site –, which I hope will grow into a community for people who are willing to go beyond travel and actually live in foreign countries and are looking to connect to likeminded people and share challenges, tips, and the realities of starting a new life in a new country.


Cheers to a wonderful and abundant 2018!






Goldman Sachs is ready to disrupt Fintech startups

Politics is not the only industry that brings strange bedfellows…Post 2008, the financial services industry is still gong through a transformation…with former banks joining the Fintech disruption. The latest to join is #MARCUS – a new commercial lending arm by Goldman Sachs. I had a chance to see a demo preview and have to say it was impressive it what it could offer customers.


Source: Goldman Sachs (GS) is ready to disrupt the fintech startups — Quartz

Collect Your Social Security Anywhere in the World

A great list of the basics for collecting your U.S, Social Security when you move overseas. So many U.S. citizens dont realize this an option as well as having your U.S. Social Security deposited into your U.S. bank account (another reason to maintain a relationship with a U.S. Bank). Choose wisely and don’t forget about potential fees.


Source: Collect Your Social Security Anywhere in the World – International Living