China tightens Great Firewall by declaring unauthorised VPN services illegal | South China Morning Post

When People travel and live overseas they are often surprised to learn that in certain countries, online access is restricted and certain websites are blocked. Most often these are social media (Facebook, Twitter) and streaming sites (Hulu, Netflix) or any websites with content the country deems troublesome. Also, most overseas financial websites won’t allow full access for online and mobile banking transactions from certain countries.

To gain global online access, most travelers and expats will use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Corporations have used VPNs for years to give their employees access to the company network when working outside the office. A VPN gives you access to a private network and will mask your location.

Be aware that in addition to China declaring some VPNs illegal, some countries in the Middle East have started fining people for using VPNs. It’s always good to use caution when using a VPN in a foreign country, and have a few VPNs at your disposal. Some of the most popular ones are: Astrill, StrongVPN, Tunnel Bear, Witopia, and VyPr.

Source: China tightens Great Firewall by declaring unauthorized VPN services illegal | South China Morning Post

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